Improving quality of life for people with stomach complaints

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I started Golden Oils to help you source the best Siberian pine nut oil

Want to know more about me? I’ll keep it simple and random with my answers to these top 5 FAQs.

1. What is Golden Oils?

Golden Oils is me, Elena Rayner-Melnikova. I’m a Public Health Nutritionist with an interest in natural health products, appetite and digestive health. Through Golden Oils I offer carefully researched educational health information and natural Siberian oils to people with digestive problems and other chronic conditions as well as holistic practitioners.

2. Why do you do what you do?

Thank you for asking. People using Siberian pine nut oil to ease digestive problems including heartburn, gastritis, ulcers and H. pylori have reported life-enhancing results. Scientific research has also shown beneficial properties in the oil that reduce inflammation often present in other chronic conditions. My mission is simple. I want to raise awareness of the natural alternatives to traditional medicine so more people can make informed decisions about their treatment. I’m particularly passionate about sharing this message with people experiencing no relief or unpleasant side effects from conventional medicine ~ and those preferring a holistic approach.

3. What’s your story?

I was born and brought up in Siberia during the time of Communism ~ surrounded by my family and life’s simplest pleasures. My Grandma used ribwort leaves on my grazed knees and bearberry infusions to treat my coughs. When I developed an excruciatingly painful tummy, I used Siberian pine nut oil to soothe the symptoms ~ just as my ancestors would have done for years before me. Back home in Siberia, pure pine nut oil is deemed “worthy of a Tsar”. And my collaborative research with gastroenterologists and nutritional scientists has deepened my respect for this holistic alternative to traditional medicine even further.

4. Why should I buy from Golden Oils?

I’m pleased you’ve asked. When you buy from Golden Oils you’re choosing sustainability, integrity and excellence. My cold-pressed oils are sourced only from reputable suppliers whose values around fair trade and preservation of the fragile fatty acids are aligned with my own. Many people praise the quality of the oil, the prompt delivery and the exceptional service. For example, I won’t sell to you but I will tell you if I think the oil may help. And if I feel my products aren’t a good fit for your condition then I’ll be honest about that too.

5. I’m sensing there could be a fit here. What’s next?

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What people say about using our Siberian Pine Nut Oil

I have a duodenal ulcer. Within a few days of taking the oil I can now eat without dreading the usual discomfort. I wouldn’t be without it.


After trying all manner of holistic remedies for my gastritis to support my regular dose of Omeprazole, I came across Siberian pine nut oil. The results were the best by far and I’ve been able to reduce PPI use.


I’d been diagnosed with helico bacterial stomach infection and had severe reflux, bloating and indigestion. I am now almost symptom free. Thank you for giving me my quality of life back.


I have suffered from I.B.S. for many months. I’ve been taking Siberian pine nut oil for the last month and the pains have gone and the bloating is greatly reduced. I no longer take Omeprazole and Colofac and I now sleep soundly.


Cut-and- paste bio

Booked me to speak at your event? Running a guest post from me or an interview with me? Feel free to cut and paste this bio:

Elena Rayner-Melnikova’s mission is simple. She wants to live in a world where people with chronic digestive problems know that natural alternatives to conventional medicine exist. As a Public Health Nutritionist, Elena has a special interest in Siberian pine nut oil. She’s passionate about raising awareness of its natural healing properties amongst people experiencing no relief or unpleasant side effects from traditional medicine ~ and those preferring a holistic approach.

When she’s not supporting customers, you’ll find Elena tending to Clyde, her donkey, or keeping up-to-date with the latest research on functional fatty acids, appetite, digestive health and mindfulness, or networking with gastroenterologists and nutritional scientists. To discover a holistic alternative to alleviating the symptoms of ulcers, indigestion, heartburn and inflammation, join the Golden Oils community at