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How we stress ourselves into stomach ulcers

If general stomach pain, burning sensations and indigestion give you sleepless nights or interfere with your day-to-day life. Or you’re diagnosed with gastritis, peptic or duodenal ulcers. Then you’d want to know what’s at the root of it, right? Can you relate? Until recently, listed amongst commonly named causes of these symptoms were anti-inflammatory medication, stomach […]


5 reasons for unexplained stomach problems

Many of my clients share the stories of their debilitating stomach problems they battle for years. Although ruled out as not life threatening, doctors struggle to diagnose the symptoms and largely resort to the general IBS verdict. Recommendations for IBS are very broad and unspecific as there is no clarity on what’s causing the problems. […]

Amazing facts about Siberian pine tree Part 3

This month’s article is devoted to the medicinal properties of Siberian pine and its products. The medicinal properties of Siberian pine (cedars) have been known to folk medicine from ancient times. Modern scientific medicine does not reject them, and they are supported in Christian, Vedic and popular science literature. As well as producing tasty nuts […]

Amazing facts about Siberian pine tree Part 2

Siberian pines (cedar) are part of the pine family, but they don’t produce pine nuts at regular intervals. With optimum ecological circumstances there will be 14 good and plentiful harvests in two decades, with average nut production 200–300 kilos per hectare. Pine nuts have been collected in Russia since time immemorial. Siberian peasants would often go […]

Amazing facts about Siberian Pine tree part 1

We have come to rely on a magnificent specimen of nature for maintaining healthy bodily systems – the Siberian Pine – which produces the nuts from which Pine Nut Oil is extracted. It is both entrancing and striking to catch a sight of Siberian pine or co-called cedar trees. Their mighty chocolate-coloured trunks, several arm-spans […]


What’s bad about antacids overuse?

In the UK alone last year, almost 2 million people were diagnosed with digestive problems. They include peptic ulcers, gastritis and heartburn and a 1/3 of the UK suffers regularly from digestive related illnesses. It’s a common condition. The majority of patients are prescribed conventional treatments comprising acid reducing medication. However, drugs are so effective in suppressing acid that […]


Lets get personal Part 1

In the first of a two-part blog post, I would like to get personal and explain how I followed my gut feeling by incorporating a Siberian recipe from my youth as part of my winter health regime. We have trillions of bacteria living in our gut. They are our friends and need to be nurtured […]