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Let’s get personal Part 2

In the second of a two-part blog post, I would like to get personal and focus on diets, because a recent study highlighted that one size doesn’t fit all… Spring is often the time when people commit to making beneficial health and nutrition changes. Yet before long, people find they slip back to poor eating habits, […]


Understanding IBS. Is it rocket science?

In our minds health and happiness are something that go hand in hand. And no doubt we started the New Year by sending a text, a FB message or perhaps (so old-fashioned nowadays) a hand-written card, wishing friends and family a happy and a healthy 2016. For you it’s not just a figure of speech. If […]

Stomach problem? Digestive disorder? Your insights needed.

I’m looking to speak with 10 people living with the debilitating symptoms of a stomach problem. Whether you’ve been prescribed PPIs for a stomach problem like GORD, an ulcer, gastritis, H. pylori or a hiatus hernia, or you’re taking over-the-counter antacids like Gaviscon for heartburn, indigestion or reflux, if this sounds like you and you long to be able […]