Improving quality of life for people with stomach complaints

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Your quality of life has been impacted by a digestive disorder

The debilitating symptoms of a digestive problem mean that you’re restricted to alkaline foods in small amounts. Perhaps you decline social invitations to avoid having to explain yourself to others. Or maybe you go along to parties, meals out with friends to ‘keep up appearances’. After all, you don’t want to be labeled as unsociable. But in the back of your mind you know you’ll be suffering the consequences later. You’re in pain. You don’t sleep well. You feel miserable, embarrassed, isolated and frustrated.

Sound familiar?

Temporary relief and long-term complications

If you’ve been diagnosed with a disorder such as acid reflux (GORD), a peptic ulcer, gastritis, H. pylori or a hiatus hernia then you’ve probably been prescribed PPIs (Proton Pump Inhibitors) to ease the symptoms. Or maybe you’re taking over-the-counter antacids like Gaviscon each evening for relief from persistent heartburn, indigestion or reflux. But the antacids are providing you with only a temporary release and you’re having unpleasant side effects or are worried about the complications of using the prescribed medication on a long-term basis.

Can you relate?

Imagine a life without the discomfort of a digestive disorder

So imagine if you could be symptom free ~ eating normally with a healthy appetite and actually enjoying your food? (Oh yes, that would be nice!) Wouldn’t it be great to be able to accept invitations without feeling anxious? To be able to sleep soundly at night, without pain? Imagine a life without discomfort, cramps, reflux or a burning sensation. Wouldn’t it be remarkable to be able to reduce PPI use whilst simultaneously soothing any soreness? But right now you’re at your wits’ end.

Sound familiar?

If this sounds like you, you’re absolutely in the right place

What I have here could be a perfect match for you if: You’re battling with the symptoms of a digestive disorder | You’re looking to reduce dependency on prescribed medication | Antacids are providing only temporary relief from symptoms | You appreciate that this isn’t a miracle cure but having read others’ feedback and considered the facts, you’re open to discovering whether the soothing benefits reported will work for you too.

Hi I’m Elena

I want to live in a world where people with persistent and debilitating digestive problems have access to information about the options available to them. I’ve benefitted from the soothing benefits of Siberian Pine Nut Oil personally and believe I have a responsibility to raise awareness of this alternative to others. That’s why I trained as a Public Health Nutritionist and started Golden Oils.

I don’t have a magic wand. But if you can relate to the symptoms and stories on this website, I can offer you an alternative option, carefully researched information and a variety of products to try. Sensing there could be a fit here? Click here to buy the quality Siberian pine nut oils and other products, or here to contact me. And don’t forget to join my mailing list for helpful tips and information by leaving your name and email address at the top of this page. (I hope you won’t want to but it’s very easy to unsubscribe at any time).

How I help

What people say about using our Siberian Pine Nut Oil

I have a duodenal ulcer. Within a few days of taking the oil I can now eat without dreading the usual discomfort. I wouldn’t be without it.


After trying all manner of holistic remedies for my gastritis to support my regular dose of Omeprazole, I came across Siberian pine nut oil. The results were the best by far and I’ve been able to reduce PPI use.


I’d been diagnosed with helico bacterial stomach infection and had severe reflux, bloating and indigestion. I am now almost symptom free. Thank you for giving me my quality of life back.


I have suffered from I.B.S. for many months. I’ve been taking Siberian pine nut oil for the last month and the pains have gone and the bloating is greatly reduced. I no longer take Omeprazole and Colofac and I now sleep soundly.