I was brought up in Siberia during the time of Communism ~ surrounded by my family, completely immersed in nature and full of gratitude for life’s simplest pleasures. I’ve come to settle in Hampshire, England now but it’s my Siberian roots and philosophy on life that have led me to the journey I’m on today.

“Children need fairy tales, but it is just as essential that they have parents who tell them about their own lives, so that they can establish a relationship to the past.” ~ Mark Kurlansky.

I distinctly remember how my grandma would use ribwort leaves on my grazed knees as a child. Of course, I now understand why their anti-inflammatory and astringent properties made them such an effective topical treatment. She also swore by bearberry infusions to treat the family’s coughs and splutters.


I was devoted figure skater in my youth

Rumour has it that bearberry gets its name because the bright red berries are a favourite with bears! But either way, I was grateful for its healing properties from a very young age.

Nature itself is the best physician.” ~ Hippocrates

Back home in Siberia, pure pine nut oil is deemed to be “worthy of a Tsar” and it was also the natural remedy my grandmother swore by when I developed an excruciatingly sore tummy. The cold pressed oil would calm the inflammation and bring natural relief ~ just as it would have done for generations of ancestors (and Tsars!) before me.

It’s largely grandma’s philosophy that inspired me to study…

towards a BSc in Human Metabolism / Biochemistry. I have the utmost respect for my ‘natural’ past but also want to see pine nut oil get the scientific praise it deserves. It breaks my heart to see people suffering from stomach problems repeatedly. Or reacting adversely to the medication they’ve been prescribed for their condition. For too many people, the over-the-counter treatment seems to exacerbate their condition but they aren’t yet aware of the alternatives available. So I’m passionate about raising awareness of these alternatives. I want people in pain to be able to make informed choices about their own course of treatment so they can look forward to mealtimes and lead a normal, pain-free life.

Plus, I love that Golden Oils affords me an opportunity to keep that connection with my birthplace strong. My cold-pressed oils are sourced only from reputable suppliers in Siberia whose values around fair trade and preservation of the fragile fatty acids are aligned with my own.

About Elena Rayner

Elena Rayner-Melnikova wants to live in a world where those with persistent and debilitating digestive problems have access to information about the alternatives available. As a Public Health Nutritionist, Elena has a special interest in natural health products and Siberian pine nut oil. When she’s not supporting customers, you’ll find Elena tending to Clyde, her donkey, or researching functional fatty acids, appetite and digestive health alongside one of the UK’s leading Consultant Gastroenterologists. To discover a holistic alternative to calming inflammation, join the Golden Oils community at Goldenoils.co.uk

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