There are times in life, when several things can go astray one after another as if deliberately testing our resilience. Today, Pennie talks about her journey overcoming her health problems and what she thinks helped her pyloric ulcers when she was at her “lowest ebb”.

From endometriosis to ‘life threatening’ pyloric ulcer

I’d been suffering from endometriosis and ulcerated/abscessed ovaries before my hysterectomy in 2003. And then I gained four stone in weight from water retention and toxicity after the op. My right ovary had been attached to my lower bowel and I was suffering from an impacted colon after the surgery. Unfortunately it took five years to discover this and I had to have colorectal surgery to put things right.

Thankfully, things started to improve for me physically after the surgery but when I began suffering with a new set of symptoms, an endoscopy revealed that my recent mood swings, swelling and internal bleeding were down to what my consultant deemed to be ‘life threatening’ pyloric ulcers. Suspecting that they were pill induced or that I was suffering from helicobacter pylori, I was told to drop all tablets except omeprazole and vitamin/mineral supplements in liquid form.

Within 24 hours the bleeding had stopped

I had endoscopies every 10 weeks but as things weren’t improving, my dose of omeprazole was doubled. Things only got worse. I was in agony and at my lowest ebb when a friend suggested I try Siberian Pine Nut Oil.

I took it three times a day for three weeks. The soothing effect was noticeable immediately and within 24 hours the bleeding had stopped! My fourth endoscopy revealed an unimaginable transformation. Where there had previously been black holes the size of 50 pence pieces on the images, my ulcers now looked as though they’d been neatly blanket stitched around the edges and healed over.

Over time, the Pine Nut Oil also reduced any hunger pangs and I went on to lose two and a half stone in the space of four months. I’m still taking Siberian Pine Nut Oil now that I’m pain free. I’m a great deal calmer and have managed to keep off the pounds. I feel totally transformed.

Over to you

Can you relate to Pennie’s experience of treatment for ulcers? Or perhaps a Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) like Omeprazole has worked its magic for you? Your voice is the only thing missing from this post. Please leave a comment. Let me know.

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