In the second of a two-part blog post, I would like to get personal and focus on diets, because a recent study highlighted that one size doesn’t fit all…

Spring is often the time when people commit to making beneficial health and nutrition changes. Yet before long, people find they slip back to poor eating habits, despite their best intentions.

Scientists have found it’s not just a question of willpower. Genes, hormones and psychology all come into play – the very essence of what makes you an individual.

The latest weight-loss theory is that people should follow a diet tailored to their needs.

BBC Science and obesity experts monitored 75 dieters for three months and looked at three types of overeaters:


  • feasters, who find it hard to stop eating once they start;
  • constant cravers, who feel hungry all of the time;
  • emotional eaters, who turn to food when they get stressed or anxious.

Our relationship with food is a highly personal thing, so to understand why biology is working against you is empowering when making dietary changes.

If you are seeking nutritional guidance or information, please consult registered UK nutritionists and qualified practitioners. You can find out more from the Association for Nutrition,

New research trials are planned into Pine Nut Oil, because it’s proving a strong contender in alleviating inflammatory conditions in the upper digestive tract.

This will be of great interest to dieters too, because Pine Nut Oil increases the CCK and GLP-1 hormones which are responsible for people feeling ‘full’ at mealtimes. And if you feel full you are less likely to snack.

As well as Pine Nut Oil we supply Pine Nut Meal, a concentrated form of protein, low in fat and high in nutrients, which enhances baked goods with its sweet nutty flavour (substitute approximately 1/3 of a cup of flour in any regular recipe).

What’s The Right Diet For You? A Horizon Special is currently available as a BBC ebook, optimised for tablets with full screen videos throughout.

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