I’m looking to speak with 10 people living with the debilitating symptoms of a stomach problem.

Whether you’ve been prescribed PPIs for a stomach problem like GORD, an ulcer, gastritis, H. pylori or a hiatus hernia, or you’re taking over-the-counter antacids like Gaviscon for heartburn, indigestion or reflux, if this sounds like you and you long to be able to eat normally, without pain, I’d love to speak with you.

Are you my next research participant?

This confidential research conversation (no more than 30 minutes) will be invaluable in making sure the services and products I create moving forward genuinely meet the very real needs of people just like you. We’ll be chatting about your symptoms, your frustrations, what you long for and how you’ve been managing your condition to date.

In exchange for your time and insights

As a thank you for your valuable time and for sharing your insights with me, I’ll be gifting you a 100ml bottle of Siberian Pine Nut Oil worth £12.49.

Book in for a research interview

I’d love to hear from you (or any of your contacts who might fit this profile). Click here to contact me and let’s schedule a mutually convenient time to speak.

Thank you



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