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I had have pain in stomach and was diagnosed with stomach ulcers in pockets. I also had IBS very badly. Taking Omeprazole didn’t help. I looked up on Internet and decided to give Pine Nut Oil capsules a try as liked the sound of what it could help with. On my recent scan I had, I was told that I had no sign of ulcers. I was so pleased to get these results from the hospital that make me more confident in taking Pine Nut Oil capsules.

Carol Di-MennoStomach Ulcers

The pine nut oil was recommended to me by my sister. I have a duodenal ulcer and had lots of discomfort and burning sensation. Within a few days after taking the oil it was very soothing and can now eat without dreading the usual discomfort. I wouldn’t be without it.

Betty, UK ~ Duodenal Ulcer

I would like to thank you for all you have done. When I first contacted Golden Oils I was in a very bad way, with pain and acid for many years from an ulcer. You explained all about the Siberian pine nut oil, so I thought I would give it a try. Well, nearly 6 weeks later, and it is hard to believe how much better I am. I have not felt this good in my stomach for a long time, and only wish that I had heard about Siberian pine nut oil in the beginning. Thank you once again.

DavidEssex ~ Ulcer

“I have no large intestine only small intestine and a bit of sigmoid. I have been suffering with pre-pyloric ulcers in the stomach and have been on PPIs (Omeprazole, Esoprazole and Lansoprazole) for 18 months and they had caused me to develop inflammation in the small intestine. I was depressed and headachy. I have had innumerable endoscopies, the ulcers were not healing and were prone to bleed. My consultant referred me to another colleague, for a second opinion, who doubled my dose of PPI and the reaction was so bad. On the first May Bank Holiday my ulcers were bleeding and I was in pain. A friend of mine, who had been on and on to me about trying Siberian Pine Nut Oil  came over and frankly I was at my wits end so I tried it – three tablespoons a day. After the first spoon I could feel the soothing effect on the ulcers and by the end of the day the ulcers were not bleeding. Success! So I went online to find a source for Siberian Pine Nut Oil in England and discovered Golden Oils.  I ordered three bottles. I went back to my first consultant and said what I was doing and that  I was no longer taking any PPIs. He was concerned but realised I was determined.  I went on Monday 9th June to have an endoscopy and colonoscopy in Tunbridge Wells and my consultant was amazed that my ulcers had healed over and were no longer big black holes but healed wounds with a red rim and that was in three and a half weeks of taking Siberian Pine Nut Oil.  I am continuing with this successful strategy and after all the effects of these horrid drugs that I have been pumped with have finally gone the full benefit of the oil will be even more pronounced.  I am so grateful for being introduced to this miraculous product. “

PennieEast Sussex ~ Pre-pyloric Ulcers

I was diagnosed with stomach ulcers a few month ago, and subsequently prescribed Omeprazol and Motilium by our GP. These medications reduced the symptoms slightly, but because most foods caused severe pain, I had no choice but to eat a very restricted variety of alkaline foods. After some research into whether there were any vitamins, minerals or further dietary changes we could implement we came across some literature for Pine Nut Oil. I was desperate enough to try anything! I have to say, I felt immediate relief as soon as I started taking it. I took the highest dose for several months, whilst simultaneously cutting back on the GP prescribed medicines and extending my range of food. Now, I just have a maintenance dose at bedtime, and although I still experience the occasional pain, I am almost eating normally. I attribute this to Pine Nut Oil. It’s been a long journey, but a positive one. We purchased our oil from Golden Oils and can’t fault them on their excellent product and customer service.

KevinHampshire ~ Ulcers

I read about this product and decided to give it a try; I have an ulcer and was taking PPIs  (proton pump inhibitors) drugs which I have since stopped. Almost from day one of taking the oil, I have been symptom free. I was very sceptical to begin with! I am amazed by this product and will continue to take it daily…thank you.

JoyNorfolk ~ Ulcer

Hi, I have been suffering from stomach ulcer, acidity and diarrhoea for the past three years. Also I could only eat tiny amount of food (boiled only food). I lost my appetite and lot of weight. Since I found out on the internet about Golden pine nut oil, I started taking this oil for the past two month and already Golden pine nut oil has given me lot of comfort. I have no more problems with stomach ulcer, acidity and diarrhoea. I can now eat any food and more in quantity than before, hence enjoying a happy life. I feel so much better that I have reduced the dosage from three times a day to two times a day. I have recommended this product to my family and friends.

Mrs Shariff, Bedfordshire ~ Ulcer, acidity & diarrhoea

Mrs Shariff Bedfordshire ~ Ulcer, acidity & diarrhoea

This pine nut oil is a truly amazing product. I was suffering from a very severe form of gastritis and the worst halitosis one can imagine. After 5 days of pine nut oil, it has made a huge difference. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who is suffering from any digestive issues, even IBS (constipation or diarrhoea). I am writing this email only so others can be helped. I have no interest in advertising for this company. If you are suffering, then please try this oil. It’s a miracle from god. I have tried almost every product on the shelf for the last ten years such as probiotics, Rifaximin, papaya, senna and chlorophyll; nothing can be compared to the relief I had from Siberian pine nut oil.


After taking alendronic acid for over 5 years it left me with severe gastritis and hospitalised for three days. I had an endoscopy and was told it was normal, but my stomach still gave me severe cramps early morning and late evening and I had to watch what I ate. Then I discovered Siberian Pine Nut Oil and I thank God that I did. Since taking it I have had no pain or cramps in my stomach and am beginning to eat normally again. Thank you Golden Oils for this wonderful oil. I will always have a bottle in my cupboard.

Helen ~ Haverfordwest Gastritis

Elena I cannot thank you enough. I phoned you on a day that I was feeling desperate. I had been diagnosed with helico bacterial stomach infection and had severe reflux, burning in my stomach. Severe bloating, indigestion and all this had lead to erosion in my stomach. My specialist said quote ‘your stomach is like a war zone’ after my gastroscopy. I had been prescribed a treatment plan which is standard with two types of antibiotics and an anti acid. The treatment made me very ill and then I developed an allergy to one of the antibiotics. So had to stop that antibiotic and my symptoms returned. I did some research and came across Siberian pine nut oil and contacted you. You were very helpful and I ordered my first bottle. You were very cautious about how long it would take before I felt better. I could not believe it I felt better from the first dose. I am on my second bottle and have just ordered another three and I am almost symptom free and my specialist says that my stomach feels totally different on examination. So it is magical. I also generally feel much better. My friends have noticed a change in my skin and hair and I have noticed a change in my nails. This is an amazing product. I highly recommend it. Thank you thank you for giving me my quality of life back.

Sabire ~ London Reflux, Bloating & Indigestion

I have been using pine nut oil since January 2012 for a gallstone problem after using the first bottle my pain disappeared after being told by the doctor i would just have to have my gallbladder removed. I try to follow a healthy diet and use pine nut oil regularly have noticed also aches and pains in joints have lessened, healthy looking glowing skin, better bowel regularity and increased vitality. I try not to be without pine nut oil. It should be available on the NHS.


I have suffered with general stomach pains for a number of years. I have had all the usual investigations, including yet more investigations in hospital very recently. Nothing has ever been found, and I have tried no end of prescription medicines and natural supplements, to no effect. My husband read an article recently about Siberian Pine Nut Oil, and suggested trying it. Sceptically I agreed. I have taken the capsules now for a month. To my surprise, and delight, after only about two weeks, my pains were starting to lessen….not going completely, but lessening. So I intend to keep taking the capsules with an expectation that this general improvement will continue’.

Benita ~ France General stomach pains

I have just placed another order for some Pine Nut Oil Capsules. I would be grateful if you could send them as soon as possible please…I forgot to reorder and my wife runs out of them in a couple of days! They are the only supplement we have found that has helped her long term digestive problems, so, to save me getting it in the neck, please will you send as soon as poss!! Many thanks.

Simon ~ UK Digestive problems

My wife has been taking pine nut oil for about 6 months now and has noticed that her IBS problem disappeared within a few days and she can eat and drink as normal. She had been suffering since we had our first child, now 11 years old. Doctor advised her not to eat spicy foods, cut out certain foods that trigger the IBS. She had constant mild headaches and had aching bowels, gas in stomach. She felt doctors were unable to help, so I started searching on the net for answers until I found “Golden oils” with pine nut oil. l read some of the other experiences with similar problems. When I ordered it she was little scared to try at first but after all the suffering she had she was ready to try anything. Now we are both happy because she feels she can eat drink as normal and I am happy because she is not suffering anymore.

Paul ~ UK IBS

I have suffered from I.B.S. for many months, Stomach pains, bloating and acidity, giving me many sleepless nights. I have been taking Siberian Pine nut Oil for the last month and now the pains have gone and the bloating is greatly reduced. The best thing is that I no longer take the Omeprazole and Colofac as prescribed by my doctor and I now sleep soundly. My Aunt is suffering similar problems and is going to start taking Siberian Pine nut Oil after seeing my improvement. I will continue with this treatment as it is making me feel normal.

Patsy ~ UK IBS

I have been using Siberian Pine Nut oil for the last six weeks. My general health has improved so much that I have re-ordered. The benefits I have noticed are: Noticeable improvement in skin and hair condition, indigestion, heartburn and IBS symptoms are less, an improvement in my arthritic knee joint and I am able to walk further without needing or wanting to sit down, my energy levels have improved ~ as have my mood swings. I will continue to use this oil as part of my everyday well being regime.

Zi ~ UKIndigestion, heartburn, IBS, arthritis

It is really nice to find a product that works and also to get really top quality service. So I thank you. I have ‘thyroid problems’ and one of the ‘symptoms’ is acid heartburn as a result of anxiety. I googled and found a site about the Siberian Oil and the amazing testimonials. I had reached the point of ‘try anything’! It worked within three days and I am not having any problems….since finishing the first bottle. Of course, what happens when I no longer take the oil? But I don’t think that is a problem because I can use it as a supplement to prevent rather treat….so I will be looking at that once the second bottle is finished.

Carol ~ UK Acid heartburn

For a while I had been experiencing tummy pains that got worse over time, and in the end I had to go to the doctors. With my tummy so sore and tender with the pain, it also kept me awake at night. The doctor prescribed tablets after prodding and suggesting I had an ulcer. They, the pills, helped for a while but the pain came back with a vengeance. I returned to the doctors and he organised a scan which did not show up much and suggested I had a camera put down into my tummy to see if it would show up what was going on. In the meantime I scanned the internet to find an alternative and literally stumbled across the advertisement `Siberian Pine Nut Oil’, and of how it helps out with stomach troubles, so I read all about it. I remember thinking to myself, it can’t be that good, how wrong I was. I sent off for a bottle and start taking it. Within three days the pain had subsided considerably, and within eight to ten days the pain had gone all together, I did not have the camera inserted. From time to time I get a bottle and take a smaller dose just to boost things. I can`t say this it is the case with an absolute certainty, but my wife decided she also wanted a bottle for herself, and I noticed, and told her that since she started taking it, her long hair took on a nice shiny sheen appearance, maybe it was a coincidence maybe not. But nevertheless, it may well be that it is the case whereby it has affected the health of her hair in this way, and we highly recommend the oil as it has helped me enormously.

Ron ~ LancashireTummy pains

Hi, I have been suffering from stomach ulcer, acidity and diarrhoea for the past three years. Also I could only eat tiny amount of food (boiled only food). I lost my appetite and lot of weight. Since I found out on the internet about Golden pine nut oil, I started taking this oil for the past two month and already Golden pine nut oil has given me lot of comfort. I have no more problems with stomach ulcer, acidity and diarrhoea. I can now eat any food and more in quantity than before, hence enjoying a happy life. I feel so much better that I have reduced the dosage from three times a day to two times a day. I have recommended this product to my family and friends.

Mrs Shariff ~ Bedfordshire Ulcer, acidity & diarrhoea

After several years of acid reflux and sore stomach lining I found Golden oil on the internet. Within five days of starting to take this I noticed a major improvement in my symptoms. I take the oil three times a day before each meal. The improvement has been constant since then. My husband now also takes the oil and is also convinced of its efficacy.

Jenny and Alan ~ UK Acid reflux

I have been taking 1-2 teaspoonful of pine oil three times daily for a month now and have experienced a definite improvement to my many digestive dysfunctions. I am now more comfortable and the heartburn has completely subsided. However, I’ve had problems for such a long time that I am reluctant to get too excited yet but the signs are extremely promising! And wow, I’ve got more energy!

Leslie ~ Hants Digestive dysfunctions

I have been taking your pine nut oil capsules for the last 3 weeks and wanted to let you know how pleased I am. I have been suffering with reflux and a hiatus hernia and sometimes the indigestion is unbearable.  I have taken numerous tablets from the doctors but nothing worked for long.  Since taking this oil I am indigestion free for the first time in 10 years. Thank you Golden Oils.

Sonya ~ East SussexReflux, hiatus hernia, indigestion

Thank you so much with your help of providing this product. I cannot believe how much the Siberian pine nut oil capsules have helped me and made my life more bearable, as before taking it I has very bad stomach problems and found it hard to eat; now after taking your pine nut oil capsules for 2 years or more I can live a normal life and enjoy my food. They made a difference from week one of taking them.

Elaine ~ Leicestershire Stomach problems

I have been taking the oil for about 8 days now, and there is significant improvement and reduction of symptoms of ulcer and what I expect would test for a reasonably high H. Pylori count. My stomach had been uncharacteristically distended and did not look right, and I literally felt like my spleen was swollen. There was also a soreness around what would be the area of the duodenum that leaves the stomach (classic locus for H. Pylori) . I have had this problem for nearly two years, and in 8 days it feels just about gone. I plan on continuing the oil for another month and then using it for health maintenance. Thank you for such an effective product.

Marjorie ~ LancashireH. Pylori

I had some of your lovely therapeutic oil a couple of years ago, for the same h.pylori-type symptoms, which have returned, so came straight back as the Pine nut oil was very soothing last time. Looking forward to receiving it and getting a bit of relief!!

Nikki ~ Buckinghamshire H. Pylori