Today, Gareth Watcyn shares his story of developing chronic gastritis. By trying to make sense of the  unpleasant symptoms in the stomach, he realised that inflammation had been the corner stone of his problems. So, he searched for a natural product with the healing credentials and scientific standing.

There was always an underlying feeling of tension

I first started noticing the symptoms about five years ago ~ usually after I’d eaten in the evening. Sometimes the discomfort was sporadic but at other times it was persistent. And after a couple of months my stomach never really felt ‘normal’ again. There was always an underlying feeling of tension. Fortunately I could still eat relatively normally ~ just in smaller amounts than before and I also tried to avoid eating meat. But the symptoms became chronic and lasted for about seven months.

Sometimes PPIs help and sometimes they don’t

I went to see my GP and a gastroscopy confirmed some mild inflammation in the lower part of my stomach. Even a moderate intake of alcohol can trigger gastritis and I think this is probably what happened to me. My doctor prescribed a proton pump inhibitor (PPI) called Lansoprazole but it didn’t bring much relief. Nor did an increased dose some weeks later. This isn’t uncommon. Sometimes PPIs help and sometimes they don’t. They act as enzyme blockers but don’t soothe the inflammation. I now know what was missing was a healing agent!

The search for non-pharmaceutical remedies began

In 2014 it flared up again and I was treated with a PPI. After about three months of intermittent symptoms I started my search for non-pharmaceutical remedies and that’s when I discovered Siberian Pine Nut Oil. I was initially reticent about using it but became motivated to try it because of one of its ingredients ~ Pinolenic acid. The Siberia Pine Nut Oil and PPI combination was the way forward for me because it meant I had an acid reducer and a healing agent in one. I was then able to wean myself off the PPIs altogether and the symptoms haven’t returned.

Over to you

Can you relate to Gareth’s experience of Lansoprazole? Or perhaps you’ve found another effective way to treat the symptoms of gastritis? Your voice is the only thing missing from this post. Please leave a comment. Let me know.

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